1" x 10" (25mm) Premium Tyvek® Wristbands

​The wide 1" x 10" (25.4mm x 251mm) Tyvek® wristband offers the best in security and durability. It also has a larger print area for your custom text and images.

The wristband is made from premium grade Tyvek® 8740D (8.1 MIL) with tamper-evident security slits that make this product difficult to remove or transfer. For additional security, we have printed a shield symbol using UV ink that is invisible to the naked eye. Using an ultraviolet UV lamp will illuminate the symbol making it easy to catch fakes and imitations.

Choose from the selection of vibrant colors shown below for your Tyvek® wristbands. These can be ordered as a standard product or customized for a unique style.  Please specify PMS color when ordering all wristbands to ensure accuracy.  Due to variations in the construction of the Tyvek® material, slight color variation is unavoidable and considered normal.  All wristbands are packaged at 1,000/box and sold in master cases of 20,000 wristbands.  These premium-grade wristbands can be customized in any way to meet your needs.​

Wristbands are sold 100,000/color minimum with a 500,000 minimum order to distribution partners globally.  Contact us to see how you can join our network of resellers.

Tyvek® is a registered trademark of DuPont de Nemours, Inc.

Tamper-Evident Security
The slit pattern makes it difficult to remove or transfer without destroying the wristband.
Black Light Security Shield
Our wristbands include the UV black light security shield symbol.
One time use only
The adhesive insets slightly from the edge of the wristband adding to the difficulty in defeating the security seal, and making digital printing easier.
Consecutive Numbered
Wristbands come in perforated sheets of ten. Separation is quick and easy for fast distribution.
1,000 per box
100 perforated sheets
20,000 per case
20 boxes
Wristband Size
1" (25mm)
Wristband Shipping Weights & Sizes
For Air & Ocean Shipments