Armadillo Outdoor Marking Tape

In response to customer demand for a long wearing outdoor ground marking tape product, we have developed our line of ultra-durable Armadillo tapes. These tapes offer our best level of durability for use on floors.  The tape is constructed on a thick reinforced carrier with an aggressive weather-proof adhesive system.


The surface offers a mildly abrasive surface that is durable, slip-resistant coupled with low-level reflective properties.  The tape will adhere to a wide variety of industrial surfaces including smooth concrete, asphalt, wood, and steel. Low profile design will ensure that the tape presents a low profile to fork truck traffic or pedestrians. The tape can be easily cleaned with standard industrial cleaning machines and procedures.  Commonly used in outdoor ground marking applications for pedestrian safety and pallet placement.  Ensure ground in clean and dry prior to application.

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