10 Facts About GHS That You Should Know

GHS stands for the Globally Harmonized System of the Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. GHS is guidelines that are set in place to safe production, handling transport, use and disposal of any hazardous materials. GHS was created by the United Nations to bring together a collectively agreed set of regulations and standards. The United Nations hopes that GHS will be incorporated into all countries chemical management system and not simply replace existing ones. GHS is not law. The United Nations has stated that it is simply system that is recommended but not enforced. Basically, they would like you to try it. If not, not problem. If GHS is incorporated into a new country, the entire sys

Product Spotlight: Engineer Grade Reflective Tape

Looking for increased awareness? Try our line of Engineer Grade Reflective Tapes. These tapes offer vibrant daytime visibility with reflective properties for nighttime use. All solid colour tape is rated for use outdoors for a 7-year life span. Tape has an aggressive adhesive that will adhere to almost any clean, dry, smooth surface and meets ASTM D-4956 Type I. Hazard striped products have a protective lamination to ensure the printed stripe will not wear off. Tape comes with removable release liner. This product is not intended for vehicle application. Custom printing and conversion also available. We also offer our entire range of reflective products in large format rolls. Striped product

Product Spotlight: Gator Grip Premium Brand Anti-Slip Tape

Gator Grip® Traction Tape is our premium brand anti-slip system to help ensure an OSHA compliant workplace. Constructed from a thick PVC base layer impregnated with an aggressive 60-grit mineral abrasive compound. The backing has an aggressive acrylic adhesive system for longevity that will form a strong, water-proof bond to most any clean, dry surface while will still being temporarily repositionable during the application process. Gator Grip® is a great choice for both indoor and outdoor environments offering our highest wear resistance and weatherability. Recommended product for long term and OEM applications. Gator Grip® Traction Tape is certified by the National Flooring Safety Institut

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