10 Most Common Safety Blind Spots

Far too many workplace injuries and deaths are easily preventable. To better understand why they continue to happen, let’s look at the specific blind spots that sadly go unchecked. The most useful part about this list is that it informs safety leaders of their greatest opportunities to reduce safety incident rates. 1. Fall protection 2. Hazard communication 3. Scaffolding 4. Respiratory protection 5. Powered industrial trucks 6. Lockout/tagout 7. Ladders 8. Electrical, wiring methods 9. Machine guarding 10. Electrical, general requirements

8 Slip and Fall Housekeeping Tips

Unfortunately, slips and falls in the workplace happen all time. However, there are a few easy steps you can do to help in preventing accidents from occurring. Some general housekeeping tips include: Clean all spills immediately Clean debris from floors Secure rugs, mats and carpets that do not lay flat Remove obstacles from walkways and make sure walkways are free of clutter Always close file cabinet or storage drawers Cover cables that cross walkways Mark all spills and wet areas with proper “Wet Floor” signs Keep working areas and walkways well lit by replacing light bulbs If you remember these tips, you can easily reduce the slip and fall accidents in your workplace.

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