Elderly Concussions Are On the Rise

According to a new report from U.S. government researchers, elderly are suffering concussions and other severe brain injuries at an alarming rate. While the reason isn’t clear, one of the factors that is being considered is that the elderly are wanting to keep their independence by living at home and falling. “Many older adults are afraid their independence will be taken away if they admit to falling, and so they minimize it,” said Dr. Lauren Southerland, an Ohio State University emergency physician. While this is an issue for the elderly, this also affects many others. One in every 45 Americans that are 75 or older suffered an injury and it resulted in and emergency room or doctor visits. T

Canadian High School Kids Learn About Workplace Safety From A Victim.

You may not know the name Nick Perry but students in Canada’s Rutland Senior Secondary School will never forget his story when he arrived and told his story last Tuesday. 15 years ago, Perry was working at a lumberyard in Victoria, B.C. when 42 loose sheets of fibre board weighing over 2,500 lbs. fell on top of him, leaving him with a severely-severed spinal cord. Nick Perry now walks with a brace on his left leg. “[The accident] folded me in half so basically it knocked me over, pressed me down so my ears were touching my knees in between my legs,” said Perry. Perry blames the accident on the limited training he was given and a lack of supervision. Now 35, Nick travels across all of Canada

Product Spotlight: Worded Floor Safety Tape

Do you need to tell employees an important safety message but are tired of filling your walls with signs? Try INCOM's Worded Floor Safety Tape. This line of products is a great way to communicate safety messages without cluttering up walls with signs. This safety tape is constructed for long term durability and has a slip resistant clean over-lamination for extra protection for wording. Do you have a very specific message you want to communicate? Our Worded Floor Safety Tape is fully customizable to suit you and your business. Please visit www.incomdirect.com/worded-floor-tape for more information.

Tips to Keep Young Workers Safe

Who remembers their first job? How fun was it to actually be making your own money and that feeling of independence? It can be one of the most important times in someone’s life. However, depending on the job, the chances of a serious accident happening are greater. According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), more than 170,000 young workers were injured and 361 were killed at work in 2012. These numbers are shocking in a time when safety should be the number one concern for all businesses. The key to lowering these numbers is education. Some common ways younger workers can get injured at work are: Lack of proper safety training Working with unsafe equipment and material

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