Top 6 Tips For Supervisor and Employee Safety

Employee safety should be at the forefront of any business and it is up to everyone to make his or her workplace the safest it can be. There are many well-documented ways an employee can do his part in hazard prevention, but what about if you are a Supervisor? What if you are a supervisor and you need your staff to become conscious about safety requirements? What if you are new to the supervisor role and don’t know how to build a connection and dialogue with your staff about safety in the workplace? Here are 6 great ideas any supervisor can use to put safety at the forefront of your workplace. 1) Build Relationships With Your Staff: Supervisors should get to know your staff on a personal lev

What is GHS??

At INCOM Manufacturing, we sometimes receive questions such as "What is GHS?" or "Is this connected with HazCom?" These are questions that you and your business may be asking as well. While GHS is somewhat of a complicated issue, we at INCOM have made a few short videos to explain what GHS and the key things that you need to know in order to start using GHS with your organization. Part 1: What Is GHS? Part 2: Elements of A Label Part 3: Safety Data Sheets Part 4: The Main Hazard Groups

Justin McElhattan: Ending Death In the Workplace

Justin McElhattan, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Industrial Scientific Corporation, a global leader in gas detection and safety analytics, discusses a personal situation that become the inspiration in trying to prevent death in the workplace.

Heat Related Illnesses

According to Injury Facts 2017, in 2014, 244 people in the US died from exposure to excessive heat. Those numbers are not to be taken lightly as it appears that we are in for another hot summer. For most of us, the risk of being out in the sun for too long is not a problem. However, there are some people who have to keep aware of how long they have been in the sun and make sure it isn’t for too long. People such as infants or young children, elderly, pets, people who work outdoors, athletes, people with heart or circulatory problems alcoholics and drug abusers. After being in the sun too long, different warning signs could appear that could indicate that you need to get out of the sun. These

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