Small Business Needs More Workplace Safety

Have you received workplace training at your job? A new survey from small business insurer Employers shows that if you work in a small business you may not and you are not alone. The survey found that 17 % of small business employees never received workplace training and for companies with less than 10 employees, the number reaches 25%. One thing to remember about these numbers is that these numbers do not reflect the point that small businesses don’t care about workplace safety. Small businesses do care but they have to do a lot more. The survey also mentioned that 40 % said their employers did not display any OSHA workplace materials. “In today’s tight labor market, it’s important that sma

3 Pieces of Safety Equipment Every Business Should Have

You have a business, you have employees, but have you taken the time to make sure the right safety equipment is accessible to your employees? This is something that may seem obvious, but too many people are injured every year due to not having the right safety equipment or knowledge of what they are used for. These are the top 3 pieces of equipment that every business should have. 1. First Aid Kit It is a little unsettling that this has to be listed but unfortunately some businesses do not remember to always have a stocked, up-to-date first aid kit. This essential kit should always be stocked full of multiple size bandages, gauze, antiseptic and ointment. It is always a good idea to customiz

University of Winnipeg Taking Steps To Keep Their Students Safe

The University of Winnipeg has launched a new safety app for students as the new school year begins. The app entitled UW Safe app allows the University to send out alerts to students if any emergency occurs. "You can just push one button and it'll give you the opportunity to call 911, security services or our sexual misconduct response team," said Marty Grainger, the university's director of security services. Grainger followed up by saying that the app will be used to students also know about school closures and the locations of fires and other emergencies within the campus. Another feature that students have access to is a “friend walk”. This feature allows the students to request a friend

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