Have A Safe And Happy Halloween

Workplace safety is a very important to us at INCOM, but general safety is also very important. This Tuesday is Halloween and we will all be enjoying some extra candy that evening. However, making sure you have safe Halloween for you and your children is what really matters. The following tips are a good guide to making sure all the little Ghosts and Goblins of your neighbourhood have a safe and happy Halloween. S - Swords, knives and other costume accessories should be short, flexible and soft. A - Avoid trick-or-treating alone. F - Fasten reflective tape to costumes and bags to help drivers see you. E - Examine all treats for choking hazards and tampering before eating them. H - Hold flash

Workplace Safety North Announced Winners of Safety Excellence Awards

The Workplace Safety North (WSN) presented their Workplace Excellence Awards last week as they recognized Ontario workplaces that promote a strong safety culture. The Workplace Excellence Awards are awarded to association member firms in forestry, mining, printing, converting and also small businesses in northern Ontario with fewer than 50 employees. “The award winners are positive role models and deserve special recognition,” said Paul Andre, WSN acting president and CEO. “By making health and safety a priority in the workplace, it sends a message to employees, customers, and the community in general, that a company is proactive and a business leader.” All submissions are considered for the

Microsoft Introduces New Tech That Will Be The Future Of Workplace Safety

Microsoft is taking the first step into taking technology and using it for workplace safety. Gone are the days of monthly safety meetings and paper documentation of incidents. The future is constant monitoring and your constantly updating and recording workplace safety. The following video shows you how this technology can help your organization with documenting, monitoring and most importantly, preventing workplace accidents.

Workplace Safety: Are We Risking Lives for Perfect Reports?

In Indianapolis on Wednesday, September 27th, the 2017 National Safety Council Congress & Expo took place. Throughout the weeklong event, topics such as safety in the workplace and other similar topics were discussed. One of the keynote speakers during the event was the CEO of Vancouver, British Columbia-based SAFEmap International, Corrie Pitzer who had made some eye-opening comments about safety in the workplace. “We have made ourselves too safe for our own good,” Pitzer stated. “Because of incident-prevention engineering and a hyper focus on safety that chases “zero” incidents and awards, safety professionals have a more difficult job today than ever before. Workers, and people in general

National Work & Family Month

October is National Work & Family Month in the United States. National Work and Family Month is designed to celebrate and communicate the progress towards a healthier and more flexible work environments. The goal of the campaign is to remind employers about the benefits of supporting work-life effectiveness programs. From all of us at INCOM, remember to enjoy your workplace and your family.

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