Can A Mature Rated Video Game Series Help With Workplace Safety?

The Grand Theft Auto video game series has been around for over 2 decades. In each game, you are dropped into an open city where you can do almost anything. Want to drive at top speed off a ramp? Done. Want to shoot some bad guys and steal all their money? Done. Want to learn how to be safe in the workplace? No. But the co-founder of the Grand Theft Auto franchise has taken the concept of an open world, mixed in virtual reality, added some workplace safety techniques and has created what the future could be for workplace safety training. New York-based startup NextWave Safety Solutions has created two VR-training modules “Forklift” and “Hazard ID”, which allows employees to safely practice a

Workplace Violence Myths

Workplace violence seems to be rampant in todays culture. If you were to watch mainstream news, you may feel like it is just a matter of time until your workplace is next. While the chances of violence happening in your workplace may be low, that doesn't mean that you should be ignorant or dismissive of it. Below are a few myths about violence in the workplace and why you may need to re-think how you approach safety in the workplace. It can’t happen here This myth gives you and your company a false sense of security. Sadly, violence can happen anywhere. This will cause employees and management to miss warning signs that could stop workplace violence before it begins. All employees and manage

25 Most Dangerous Jobs in America

In 1970, there were 14,000 workplace deaths in a year. That year, acting president Richard Nixon and Congress passed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This act set standards and enforce safety in the workplace. This act was literally lifesaving as over the years, that number has dropped to less than 5,200 workplace deaths in 2016. While this number is impressive, some industries are still very dangerous. There are only 3.6 deaths for every 100,000 full-time workers in the public and private sectors. However, that number does take into account teachers and administrators that have very little physical ramifications if an error occurs. Some industries however, mistakes can be

OSHA Imposes Maximum Fines After "Walking Dead" Stuntman Death

When you hear the words "Workplace Safety", a few images may come to mind. A factory worker cleaning up a spill, an office worker watching out for a loose cord or paper on the floor, or a contractor making sure his safety requirements are met while working on a new building. What about a man fighting swarms of the undead on the streets of New York? Not your traditional workplace but for the cast and crew of AMCs hit show "The Walking Dead", its a normal day. On that show many people see horrible, post apocalyptic terrors from your nightmares, but to one stuntman back in July, the horrors became all too real. 33 year-old stuntman John Bernecker died on July 12th, 2017 after plunging head firs

Save the Date : Safe + Sound Week Returns

The National Safety Council, the American Industrial Hygiene Association, OSHA, NIOSH are teaming up on August 13th to 19th for the second annual Safe + Sound Week. This week is designed to promote understanding and awareness of workplace safety and health programs. The team of safety organizations encourages the employers to host events promoting the three cornerstones of health and safety programs: management leadership, finding / fixing workplace hazards and worker participation. While many steps have been taken to improve workplace safety, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that about 2.9 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses among the private-sector U.S employees were reported in

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