Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire - March 25th, 1911

On March 25th, 1911, New York City encountered the deadliest industrial disaster in the history of the city, and one of the deadliest in US. The Asch Building at 23-29 Washington Place in the Greenwich Village of Manhattan was home to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory on the eighth, ninth and tenth floors. The fire caused 146 garment workers - 123 women and 23 men - to die that day. Most of the victims were aged 16- 23 years old and were recent Jewish and Italian immigrants. The deaths were caused by the fire, smoke inhalation and falling or jumping to their deaths. However, one major factor of these deaths were that the owners of the building locked the stairwells and exits. The owners decidi

Glass Walls In The Workplace Are A Cause For Concern

What do you think about the idea of walking into your new office and instead of the standard cubicles or the open concept, you have the best of both worlds with glass walls? This will give the visual appeal of an open concept office but still keeping surrounding noise low and a futuristic look. Tech giant Apple has installed these types of walls into its new Foster-Partners-designed Apple Park Campus in Cupertino, California. This type of workplace may seem like a great idea and even a great design in a sketchbook but this is causing a new type of workplace hazard; people are walking into the glass. California Emergency Services have been treating numerous people for walking into the walls o

OSHA National Safety Stand-Down 2018

On May 7th until May 11th 2018, OSHA is partnering with key groups to present that National Safety Stand-Down. The national safety stand-down is a voluntary event for employers to talk to employees about safety. any industry is invited to hold a stand-down by taking a break from normal work and focus conversations on "Fall Hazards" and more importantly, reminding employees of "Fall Prevention". If the industry does not face fall hazards in the workplace, other topics such as general job hazards, methods of improving safety and employers safety policies and goals can also be discussed. We at INCOM hope that from May 7th to May 11th, safety becomes a topic of conversation and you will have you

Product Spotlight: Barricade Tape

If you think that all barricade tape is created equal, you would be very wrong. At INCOM, we have 5 different grades of barricade tape available you suit every type of job. INCOM Manufacturing has wide range of grades from our Value Grade for single day use all the way up to our Woven Polypropylene for long-term use. Also, INCOM carries a wide variety of stock legends and the ability to make custom legends as well. Clink the link below as well as watch our new videos below to find out more information on all the various Barricade Tapes offered by INCOM Manufacturing. INCOM Manufacturing Group: Barricade Tape INCOM Manufacturing Group: Woven Barricade Tape

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