Question: I have an uneven surface, but I need to apply anti-slip tape. What do I use?

This is a question that we receive a lot. What tape should be used if you have an uneven surface, like a truck tread plate, and need to apply an anti-slip tape? While our Premium Grade Gator Grip Tape may look like it would be the best choice, the issue is how the tape will conform. The Premium Grade is intended for a smooth surface and does not conform well to an uneven surface like a truck tread plate. The best choice for this type of application is our Gator Grip: Foil-Backed Anti-Slip Tape. The foil backing conforms to the grooves and curves of an uneven surface and adheres just as well as our Premium Grade Tape. Even surfaces such as uneven concrete or stair nosing would be ideal places

70 Per Cent of Injuries Go Unreported In Alberta

Over 2,000 workers were polled in Alberta, Canada about workplace injuries and the results are upsetting. Nearly 70 per cent of disabling workplace injuries in Alberta go unreported. The report was released on Friday at the University of Alberta’s Parkland Institute; the day before the annual Day of Mouring, which honours workers who have been killed, made sick or injured at their place of employment. Day of Mourning Memorial at City Hall in Calgary, Alberta, Canada "Workers typically don't report injuries for two reasons. The first is they don't think the injury is serious enough to warrant reporting. And the other is they fear their employers will retaliate against them for claiming the in

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