The History of SDS Sheets

Back in the turn of the century, workplace safety was not a concept that anyone thought about. You went to work, put in a full day, came home; no complaining. However, the hazards that met you when you arrived at work, were something no one can imagine in todays world . Many workers had jobs that were set in a factory that involved manufacturing items. In order to manufacture certain items, chemicals were used. The workers who were exposed to some of these chemicals endured painful and debilitating working environments. But again, in those days, it was all part of the job. Back in those days, the dangers of being around certain chemicals for long periods of time never came into question. It

How to Assist an Aging Workforce

Our workforce is about to have a millennial majority, but we still have some strong veterans of the workforce by their sides. In fact, 20 percent of the workforce in the U.S. is older than 65, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While their experiences and knowledge of the job are a great asset to have in an organization, workplace injuries are often more severe and take longer to heal. NIOSH data has shown that hypertension and arthritis are two of the most common health conditions. NIOSH also states that over 75 percent have a chronic health condition that requires some sort of management. “The frequency of these conditions and others in older adults has important implications for

Social Media May Hurt Your Business After an Accident

The world of today is very different then it was 20 years ago. Gone are the days of reading your local paper or watching the six-o’clock news to find information on the world. The advent of the cell phone and the internet has allowed us to find out anything we want with the touch of a screen. More specifically, people are going to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to find their news. Social media has become the home of hot topics and breaking news. For most of us, this makes our lives easier and more convenient. But for an organization who just had a severe accident happen, this could be your worst fear. With almost every citizen having instant access to a camera and social me

OSHA's Safe + Sound Week is Coming Up Soon!

Having a health and safety program is a very effective way to reduce workplace injury and illness. A effective health and safety program at a workplace can even increase worker satisfaction, increase productivity and even reduce the costs associated with on-the-job injuries. With that in mind, OSHA is getting ready for Safe + Sound Week on August 13-19 2018. They are encouraging all workplaces to participate by raising awareness and understand the value of a strong health and safety program. Your workplace will be 1 of over 200 organizations and businesses that will be partnering with OSHA for this event. To participate, all your industry has to do is look for opportunities to show their com

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