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Information Accessibility Standard

INCOM Manufacturing Group is committed to ensuring that we will make written information and other forms of communication accessible upon request to the public and our employees.


This information will include emergency and public safety information, feedback processes for employees and the public, employee information and other public information.


This information consist of the following:

1. Emergency and Public Safety Information:

  • Emergency plans and procedures

  • Maps, warning signs and evacuation routes

  • Information about alarms or other emergency alerts


2. Feedback Process for Employees and the Public:

  • Feedback options will include written, verbal or email.


3. Employee Information:

  • Any Information that employees need to perform their jobs

  • General information that is available to all employees at work

  • Information about emergency procedures


4. Other Public Information:

  • Including all print documents and information provided to the public on web sites and handheld devices

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