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Anti-Slip Safety Grit Die Cut Shapes and Tapes

Looking for a custom fit look for your product? We offer all grades and series of our non-skid grit tape products in die-cut cleats to suit any shape or recessed area. All non-skid grit products are made with a long-lasting aluminum oxide grit and durable adhesive system that is waterproof.


Be creative and have your company name or logo die-cut into your grit panels, combine special shapes with a custom printed option for a high-end unique look. These products all offer a temporarily repositionable adhesive, that forms a permanent bond after 24 hours. Excellent outdoor weather ability.


Premium Grade “Gator Grip” offers an excellent product for outdoor applications where high traffic, water and chemicals will be present. This tape has an extra bonding layer that increases wear and chemical resistance. The grit surface is aluminum oxide (60-grit).   Meets or exceeds ANSI A137.1/A326.3 Dynamic Coeffection of Friction Test.  AS/NZS 4586 Pendulum Test, considered "low slip potential" by UKSRG.

Boot standing on Anti-Slip Tape
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