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Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting

Our most popular series of reflective sheeting films. The Engineer Grade product offer increased with time virility and offer a decorative look for day time viewing. This level of sheeting is a great compromise of reflectivity level and value.

Our engineer product are available in three grades to meet your specific application and budget. All grades can be slit, die cut or print to your specific needs.

Engineer Grade (Rigid): This is our best selling series of reflective sheeting. This product is intended for applications to rigid surfaces, comes in a wide rage of colors, and offers an outdoor durability of 7-years. Meets ASTM D-4956 Type I.

Engineer Grade (Flexible): Our flexible series of engineer grade reflective is intended for semi-flexible surfaces, this would include vehicle graphics and surfaces that have some flex during their usage. The series com in a wide range of colors and offers a 7-year outdoor durability. Meets ASTM D-4956 Type l.

OEM Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting
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