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Outdoor Durable Asphalt & Concrete Preventative Measures Floor Signs

Outdoor extra-durable grade high visibility mineral abrasive slip-resistant graphic ground signs provide a constant reminder to your employees and customers about important workplace safety guidelines. Constructed from OutdoorVyn® a high-quality conformable outdoor grade foil-backed media with a special adhesive construction for bonding to outdoor surfaces such as asphalt, pavement, concrete, stairs, stone, and metal.  Typical outdoor life-span of 12-months under most conditions, with a recommended application temperature of 50 – 95 ˚F to clean, dry outdoor surfaces, then firmly pressed to conform to the mounting surface.  Intended for applications with pedestrian traffic only, vehicle traffic will greatly reduce the longevity of this product.  Meets or exceeds ANSI A137.1/A326.3 (Wet) Dynamic Coefficient of Friction Test.  AS/NZS 4586 Pendulum Test (Wet), values considered "low slip potential" by UKSRG.  These products make a good anti-slip choice for both wet and dry applications.


Custom text and graphics also available. Contact customer service for more details.


FS1045OD - Maintain Distance Outdoor Anti-Slip Floor Sign

FS1046OD - Please Wait Here Outdoor Anti-Slip Floor Sign

FS3038OD - STOP Please Wait Here Outdoor Anti-Slip Floor Sign (5/pkg)

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