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Floor Graphics & Signage

For Preventative Measures



Use these wristbands to help oversee and monitor the health and safety of your workers, customers and guests at your business or place of work.


Outdoor Performance
Anti-Slip Grit Signs

Outdoor premium performance physical distancing grit surface anti-slip floor graphics intended for use outdoors on rough surfaces such asphalt, concrete and metal.  Our best choice for wet conditions featuring a mineral abrasive grit surface to help reduce slip, trip and fall incidents.


Elevator Floor

Our maximum occupancy signs can be displayed to communicate the physical distancing capacity depending on the elevator size. These conveniently range from 2 to 8 people but other numbers are available upon request.


Conformable Floor
Marking Tape

Cost-effective, conformable floor tapes for marking indoor floor applications to aid in people flow. Simple easy installation with clean removal from most surfaces. Recommended for hard, dry flooring applications.


Temporary Table &
Equipment Labels

A durable, removable label for helping give direction to customers for table and equipment restrictions. Offers a clean low-residue removal from most surfaces without causing damage.  Available in custom printed options.


A-Frame Standing
Floor Signs

A-frame signs offer a highly visual way to communicate your social distance message and regulations. Simply unfold and stand this sign to bring attention to critical safety issues in the workplace.  Custom options available.


Stencil Floor Signs

Stencils offer a more permanent and cost-effective way to communicate social distance messages both indoor and outdoors.  Custom options available.


Anti-Slip Physical Distance Floor Signs & Tapes

Durable physical distancing slip-resistant floor signs, tapes, and custom graphics intended for use on smooth, hard dry flooring surfaces.  Recommended for hard, dry flooring applications.


Carpet & Wall Signs
(Removable Adhesive)

Conformable physical distance signs with a strong, removable adhesive intended for clean removal from most carpets and walls.  The flexible material allows for application on softer surfaces such as low-pile commercial carpets. Recommended for both wet and dry environments.


Canadian Federal Workspace
COVID-19 Signs

Physical distance floor and wall signs using the Canadian Federal workspace designs to comply with the Federal Identity Program for COVID-19 signs and markings.  Available in an assortment of materials to suit the application environment and usage.


Floor Directional Arrows
& Marking Dots

Marking dots and directional arrows provide an easy way to help manage people flow for physical distance policies.  Simply peel and stick these onto most any clean, smooth surface.  Recommended for hard, dry flooring applications.


Area Closed
Barricade Tape

Highly visual barricade tape products for marking large areas to help comply with access issues. Available in custom printed options.


Mandated Policy
Wall Signs

Wall signs and decals provide a permanent reinforcement of your workplace hygiene policies


Add Your Own Company Message

Help build your companies socially responsible brand with customization options on virtually every product we make.  Contact customer service for your project.

NOTICE: Due to the time-sensitive nature of these COVID-19 specific products, they will not be considered for return other than for defects in material or workmanship.

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