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Privacy Policy

INCOM Manufacturing Group respects your privacy. We will never sell your information or distribute it to anyone without your consent.


Your online privacy is also our concern. We use SSL encryption technology to protect your information when it is being transmitted through the internet between your computer, and our server.



We use “cookies” for the purpose of ease. For example, “cookies” assist with keeping your account information to be associated to strictly your account and not anyone else’s account. “Cookies” also keep your information together for when you have one product in your shopping cart while continuing to browse for products at the same time. “Cookies” do not give your computer viruses and they are not able to go into your computer settings and share your other information with us.


Information Sharing

Your personal information is only used or disclosed for our business purposes and as legally required or permitted, which includes the following:


Third parties who provide services on our behalf

We share information such as name, address, phone or mobile numbers with our service providers who provide services on our behalf, such as our delivery service providers who ship and deliver your online orders, process your payments, email messages, and order shipment tracking. When completing an order on our website you are electing to be called/sent email messages updating the delivery status of your shipment as it is transported.


Our service providers may have access to your information on a confidential basis only to perform their functions. None of these companies have the right to use your personal information for any reason other than completing their specific services, except as may be permitted by law. We might also share information with vendors/manufacturers of our products and services to respond to your reviews and questions.


If we must legally comply with the law

For example, we and our service providers may disclose information to respond to a subpoena or court order. We may also disclose information to a government agency or as otherwise required or permitted under law.


To protect you

We may disclose your information such as name, address, phone or mobile number, email address to our suppliers or other business partners who need to contact you about a specific product in the event of including but not limited to a warrant claim, a product safety issue or recall. 


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