Heavy Duty Rigid-Flip 9 Legend Flip Placard

Size: 14.75" x 14.75"


  • Flammable Gas (Class 2)
  • Compressed Gas (Class 2)
  • Flammable Liquid (Class 3)
  • Oxidizers (Class 5.1)
  • Poison (Class 6)
  • Radioactive (Class 7)
  • Corrosive (Class 8)

  • Blank White


Heavy Duty Rigid-Flip 9 Legend Flip Placard

  • FC9009 - Painted White

  • The “Rigid-Flip” placards are a versatile flip placard with features that differ from our standard model.


    The construction of the pages has an added benefit utilizing a cutout in the page so each clip arm seats securely in place to help reduce both page wear and clip loss during use. Page turning is made easy by two finger cutouts adjacent to each other on the frame. This allows the user access to the edge of the pages and select the desired legend.


    All weather versatility with large ridges that run along all 4 sides of the thick durable base for added strength. Rectangular shape of pages, coupled with the location of hinges and stainless steel clips being closer to corners and edge helps to reduce curled page edges for added safety.


    Made from a ultra durable 0.04” thick aluminum. Rigid-Flip placard systems are 15” between clipped corners for use on most roll up style doors.


    Don't see legends you need? Contact us for custom options.