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NFPA workplace diamond gives a clear and obvious display of the NFPA hazards and symbology. Signs include the commonly seen NFPA diamond along with labels to apply different hazard numbers and symbols to change the sign to suit the specific chemical hazard. Numbers and symbols are included in the kit version of these signs and the user can apply them to meet their needs. Blank diamonds are also sold separately.


Helps identify the extent of a health or fire hazard with a chemical using the NFPA diamond system.  Commonly used in workplaces using the NFPA hazard identification system.


We can also pre-print these diamonds with all your required details for an easy and professional looking result. Call us for details.

NFPA 704 Diamond Placard

    • One NFPA diamond
    • 15 numbers 0-4 in blue, red and yellow
    • 7 specific hazard symbols


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