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Placard Holder Stainless Spring Clip (Low-Profile)

Use our type 304 stainless steel clip to repair or replace any slide-in style placard style holder on the market. Has a fold back flat style to allow for easy placard removal.  These low profile are intended for use on single placard slide-in style holders.  Snap clips are made with a two hole (3/16" ID) base with a spring clip assembly installed. We recommend regular lubrication to maintain smooth operation.


Our stainless steel clips can be used in a wide range of other applications such as snap fasteners, and quick-release fasteners. Great for removable access door panels, grill covers, screen filters, and windows. These style of fasteners are durable, and great options for long term use. 

Placard Holder Stainless Spring Clip (Low-Profile)

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