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Rotary Fuel Type Valve Dial Gauge (Y-Tag)

Simply push in and rotate to desired legend then unit will lock into place. Help stop costly mistakes of incorrectly marked fuel, and avoid the hassle of old style fuel tags.  Completely constructed from 304 stainless steel including all mounting hardware with a 3/8" mounting hole.  This durable unit identifies fuel types with a selection of eight fuel type legends to choose from.  Once the correct fuel type has been selected the dial locks in place with a stainless steel spring.  Commonly refered to as a 'Y-Tag' in the industry.


The selection panel face has thick clear polyester over-lamination to ensure long term durability in all weather conditions and resistance to abrasion and fuel contact.

Don’t see the fuel type you need? Contact us for custom fuel type options.


Product Warranty

Rotary Fuel Type Valve Dial Gauge (Y-Tag)

SKU: FG100
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