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Other sizes, colors and widths available as special order. Please contact us for details.

White - ArmorStripe® Ultra Durable Floor Tape

  • ArmorStripe® ultra durable floor tape offers an extremely durable system to aid in floor layout, sorting, aisle marking and workflow for 5S Lean manufacturing standards.

    Made from a solid-color 0.050” thick wear resistant PVC with an ultra tacky heavy coat weight adhesive backing. This tape will adhere to most any clean, smooth, dry surface with a high tack bond.

    Featuring a beveled edge to improve durability in harsh industrial environments. Well suited for high traffic areas including forklift trucks, pallets and floor cleaning machines.

  • Disclaimer: It is the sole responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of this product for their application, including, but not limited to, identifying the risk and its severity. When in doubt consult a qualified safety and warnings professional.

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