Saint Johns Helps Elderly Get A Grip

It’s January and almost three quarters of North America is dealing with that fluffy white stuff from the sky. While the sight of freshly fallen snow may bring upon thoughts of toboggans, snowmen and warm hot chocolate, for seniors it brings on a fear of falling on the ice.

Under all that fresh powder is a possible injury waiting to happen. If not properly taken care of, thick snow will make way to thick ice and for many seniors in North America that could mean possible injury or even worse. But there is one place taking steps to combat that fear.

St. Joseph’s Hospital in Saint Johns New Brunswick, Canada is handing out grit bags to the elderly that visit the hospital. What are grit bags?

Grit Bags are little pouches that are filled with little stones and rocks. The elderly are asked to carry these bags, in their pocket or purse and if they come across a patch of ice, they can take the bag out and sprinkle the rocks and stones onto the ice. This adds a layer of traction on the ice so when they step, they won’t slide.

This is a brilliant idea to help the seniors all across North America and we hope that more people follow suit.

Next snow fall, take some time, grab a little bag, collect some stones from a park or your home and help out a senior in your life.

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