3 Pieces of Safety Equipment Every Business Should Have

You have a business, you have employees, but have you taken the time to make sure the right safety equipment is accessible to your employees? This is something that may seem obvious, but too many people are injured every year due to not having the right safety equipment or knowledge of what they are used for.

These are the top 3 pieces of equipment that every business should have.

1. First Aid Kit

It is a little unsettling that this has to be listed but unfortunately some businesses do not remember to always have a stocked, up-to-date first aid kit. This essential kit should always be stocked full of multiple size bandages, gauze, antiseptic and ointment. It is always a good idea to customize the first aid kit to suit your workplace. Along with a first aid kit, a first aid binder could also be included. This binder is used as a logbook for anyone needing first aid materials. It allows you and your employer to keep track of workplace injuries as well as what materials are being used.

2. Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is extremely important for any business. These are used to clear out small fires. There are many different types of fire extinguishers available for many different types of fires. There is water based for simple wood fires or even foam extinguishers for electrical or chemical fires. Please make sure you have the right fire extinguisher located in the right area to fight the correct fire and make sure that there is at least one on each floor.

3. Biohazard Kit

A kit that is often overlooked is a biohazard kit. These kits are used to dispose of waste that is considered to be dangerous or contagious. Like first aid kits, these kits can be customized to your specific workplace and include materials that would suit your organization. You may also include a biohazard kit binder along with the kit to keep track of how many times it is used and what materials are used.

These three pieces of equipment are very important to the health and safety of you and your workplace. Make sure that all employees and management know where these pieces of equipment are located and make sure to run a yearly check so everyone remembers. While it may not seem important, your knowledge of these items and their locations could save your life.

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