Alberta, Canada Is Taking A Financial Stand To Promote Workplace Health And Safety

The province of Alberta, Canada is taking a stand and promoting workplace health and safety.

The OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) Innovation and Grants program will help promote workplace health and safety by providing $667,000 for over 30 projects during 2017.

“Protecting workers and preventing injuries and death is a top priority for our government,” Said Labour Minister Christina Gray.

The Try-A-Trade Career Expo and Lakeland Regional Safety Conference each received $5,000 for funding. The executive director of Llyodminster Construction Association, Dorothy Carson, who hosted these events explained "We are very pleased to be given the funding for the two events.

“What we have done with the grant is we also have the safety aspect of the expo,” explained Carson. “We want kids to get the information about the careers but we also want them to look at the safety portion in the workplace. With the funding from OHS, we will be providing safety displays for the students and participants.”

“It just provides us with some funding dollars where we can provide some more volunteers and provide some better displays for the students just to realize how important safety is in a workplace,” Carson said.

This is the first time which the Lloydminster Construction Association has received this grant. Carson noted as OHS was something, they were glad to help bolster around the city.

“Safety is a huge part of our workplace and we like to promote safety to all our employers and their employees to make sure they make it home safe at the end of the day,” said Carson.

The eighth annual Try-A-Trade Career Expo will be held May 3, and it aims to provide career information to students and the general public about possible careers in the trade.

As for the fourth annual Lakeland Regional Safety Conference, it will be held on Sept. 28 and is intended to showcase information and trends in OHS to companies.

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