DHL Taking Steps In Workplace Safety

DHL Supply Chain, the contract logistics specialist within the Deutsche Post DHL Group, recently finished a project in their Regional Center in Singapore to increase workplace safety. They implemented Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Workers would wear wireless sensors to prevent accidents by monitoring fatigue levels of employees, suggesting break times and alerting them when a worker is close to moving equipment. All of this information was tracked and alerted to the workers in real time.

The reason for this change for a safer workplace environment was that in 2016, Singapore had over 2,000 incidents of workers being struck by moving vehicles in the workplace. This is one of the top three areas for improving workplace safety and health that was identified by the Ministry of Manpower Singapore.

“At DHL, safety is our number one priority and there is a strong commitment to the health and safety of our employees at all levels of the organization. So when we were exploring the use of wearable sensors and how we can leverage the technology for our operations, we naturally chose to focus this pilot project around warehouse safety," said Steve Walker, Chief Information Officer Asia Pacific and Global Warehouse Management System Centre of Excellence, DHL Supply Chain.

DHL began testing IoT technology in 2015 with various partners. Several partners including IBM, Huawei and Cisco are currently using the technology to monitor real-time heat mapping and other information to help employee safety and improve operational efficiency.

The IoT technology can be used for many different applications such as simple slip, trips and falls to truck driver fatigue. All this information is tracked in real time and a supervisor is alerted if danger occurs or if a panic button is pressed.

This technology is a step in the right direction in workplace safety and will help with ensuring workplace safety is met and exceed.

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