These Chickens are an EGGcellent Example of Safety

A flock of hens in Scotland are taking workplace safety to a whole new level by being outfitted with new reflective vests.

Louise Lennox, owner of Glenshieling House bed and breakfast in the Southern Highlands tasked her 14 hens with greeting guests as they enter and lodge. However, she discovered that while most of the 14 hens are free to wonder and roam the 3-acre property, a few of them tended to walk down towards the road near the property.

Lennox decided that in order to keep them visible to passing drivers, she purchased reflective vests online for all 14 of her hens.

The hens are very happy to wear them because they’re specially designed for chickens,” Lennox told a reporter. “It doesn’t interfere with their movement in the wings and they don’t overheat. In Scottish winters, it provides a bit of insulation.”

The hens can usually be brought back from the road by a simple call from Lennox, however she feels this will help greatly with cars being able to see them sooner than normal.

Lennox and her husband Richard purchased the bed and breakfast and decided that instead of a run-of-the-mill menu, they decided to build a chicken coop so they can have fresh eggs for breakfast.

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