University of Winnipeg Taking Steps To Keep Their Students Safe

The University of Winnipeg has launched a new safety app for students as the new school year begins.

The app entitled UW Safe app allows the University to send out alerts to students if any emergency occurs.

"You can just push one button and it'll give you the opportunity to call 911, security services or our sexual misconduct response team," said Marty Grainger, the university's director of security services.

Grainger followed up by saying that the app will be used to students also know about school closures and the locations of fires and other emergencies within the campus.

Another feature that students have access to is a “friend walk”. This feature allows the students to request a friend who is willing to walk them safely to their car or to residence on campus.

So far only a few hundred students have signed up for the app but with similar apps being used at Red River College and the University of Manitoba, the feeling is that this app is a great option to help keep the University safe.

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