Small Business Needs More Workplace Safety

Have you received workplace training at your job? A new survey from small business insurer Employers shows that if you work in a small business you may not and you are not alone.

The survey found that 17 % of small business employees never received workplace training and for companies with less than 10 employees, the number reaches 25%.

One thing to remember about these numbers is that these numbers do not reflect the point that small businesses don’t care about workplace safety. Small businesses do care but they have to do a lot more.

The survey also mentioned that 40 % said their employers did not display any OSHA workplace materials.

“In today’s tight labor market, it’s important that small businesses, which employ more than half of the American workforce, recognize safety of the work environment is a top priority for employees. One way for employers to attract and retain valued talent is to have and communicate a commitment to workplace safety. By fostering a safe work environment, small businesses can protect and retain their most valuable asset, their employees,” said David Quezada, Vice President of Loss Control at Employers.

Other statistics that were discovered were:

  • 10% of employees surveyed feel their employer doesn’t care about safety of the job

  • 13% of employees working in a small business with less than 10 members believed that safety is not a top priority at work

  • Just above 50% say that they felt comfortable coming forward and discussing their concerns

“Business owners and management need to set an example by offering regular training and displaying proper safety signage, as well as by being open to their employees who report concerns.” – David Quezada

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