New Pig Reports We Are Underestimating Slip And Fall Risks

New Pig, an authority on drips, leaks, spills and slips, released a new report stating that slip and trip risks are being underestimated by many organizations. The report entitled The Walk Zone Safety Report looks at public facilities and workplaces and compares them in safety, health risks and maintenance of slip and fall risks.

Floor safety risks and underestimating the consequences of a possible accident will expose employers to damage to brand reputation, loss of productivity, medical costs and even lawsuits. Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety index reported that falls in the workplace resulted in almost $11 billion in compensation to works and medical costs in 2016.

"This survey was a real eye-opener for us," explained New Pigs vice president of product development Dan Silver. "We learned from some really dedicated people that protecting employees or customers requires a change of mindset from a narrow location-specific view to a more holistic, entire-facility view of floor safety. Terms like 'walkway audit' and 'safety planogram' need to become part of their regular vocabulary. Great solutions are out there to dramatically reduce slip and fall risks."

Some key points from the report include:

  • While respondents believe that their workplace have zero to three same-level fall risk areas, survey revealed more than 10 fall locations were identified.

  • While 92 % of organizations have a safe entranceway due to the laying of floor mats, 9 of the other locations are left unaddressed.

  • 15% of organizations feel that floor mats that have either been bunched-up, wrinkled or shifted result in falls.

  • Only 31% of respondents reported putting floor mats down in customer walkways even after 24% of them reported prior accidents in those areas.

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