Balancing Holidays and Work Can Be Stressful

The holiday season brings fun and joy with friends and family. However, it can also bring stress and anxiety while trying to balance the extra work of the holidays. From putting up decorations, to workplace Christmas parties, the holiday season is sometimes more work then we realize. Finance staffing firm Accountemps conducted a survey which showed that balancing work and the holidays can be very stressful.

While the survey showed that 51% are more cheerful at work during this time of year, it also showed that 35% feel more work-related pressure. The survey concluded that 6 main factors were the reason for increased stress levels.

Source: Accountemps

Another area that was focused was which of the 27 U.S. cities that were surveyed were the happiest and most stressed during the holidays. The results concluded that San Francisco, California was the happiest while Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was the most stressed.

Source: Accountemps

Between professional responsibilities and personal commitments, it’s all too easy for employees to become overwhelmed during the holiday season,” said Michael Steinitz, executive director of Accountemps. “Managers can support their teams by allowing more flexible schedules. Workers should take time off to enjoy the season with family and friends and avoid burnout that could carry over into the new year.

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