Save the Date : Safe + Sound Week Returns

The National Safety Council, the American Industrial Hygiene Association, OSHA, NIOSH are teaming up on August 13th to 19th for the second annual Safe + Sound Week.

This week is designed to promote understanding and awareness of workplace safety and health programs. The team of safety organizations encourages the employers to host events promoting the three cornerstones of health and safety programs: management leadership, finding / fixing workplace hazards and worker participation.

While many steps have been taken to improve workplace safety, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that about 2.9 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses among the private-sector U.S employees were reported in 2016. Unfortunately, fatal workplace injuries exceeds 5,000, which reached their highest levels since 2008.

Hopefully these organizations, along with the American Society of Safety Engineers, the Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association, and the Center for Construction Research and Training (also known as CPWR) will be able to help organizations will influence organizations to promote workplace safety.

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