Glass Walls In The Workplace Are A Cause For Concern

What do you think about the idea of walking into your new office and instead of the standard cubicles or the open concept, you have the best of both worlds with glass walls? This will give the visual appeal of an open concept office but still keeping surrounding noise low and a futuristic look. Tech giant Apple has installed these types of walls into its new Foster-Partners-designed Apple Park Campus in Cupertino, California. This type of workplace may seem like a great idea and even a great design in a sketchbook but this is causing a new type of workplace hazard; people are walking into the glass.

California Emergency Services have been treating numerous people for walking into the walls of the campus. The $5 billion campus has installed many glass walls throughout the entire campus that people are misinterpreting them and are walking into them.

A source from Bloomberg reports that staff decided to take the initiative and have started sticking Post-It notes on the glass to warning others. However, those have since been removed for detracting the buildings design.

Workplace safety laws in California require “conspicuous” markings on glass walls to ensure employees are protected against walking into it.

This is not the first issue with the new campus. The staff has already issued complaints about the open concept of the offices. Other critiques include that the new ring-shaped campus is “retrograde, “literally inward-looking”.

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