70 Per Cent of Injuries Go Unreported In Alberta

Over 2,000 workers were polled in Alberta, Canada about workplace injuries and the results are upsetting. Nearly 70 per cent of disabling workplace injuries in Alberta go unreported. The report was released on Friday at the University of Alberta’s Parkland Institute; the day before the annual Day of Mouring, which honours workers who have been killed, made sick or injured at their place of employment.

Day of Mourning Memorial at City Hall in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Workers typically don't report injuries for two reasons. The first is they don't think the injury is serious enough to warrant reporting. And the other is they fear their employers will retaliate against them for claiming the injury," said Bob Barnetson, a professor of labour relations at Athabasca University and co-author of the institute's report.

The report suggests that in 2016, there may have been over 170,000 injuries that were serious enough to require time off or modified work, but only 45,000 were reported.

Barneston claims that works are terrified to report unsafe conditions or exercise their right and suggests that about half of the Alberta employers are violating basic health and safety rules.

The good news to come form the report is that it suggests ways to improve on this trend. More inspections, more workplace safety inspectors as well as increase consequences for violations were among the ways that Alberta can change.

Labour Minister Christina Gray said that changes to support worker right will go into effect June 1stand stated "One of the things that we changed in our changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act is reporting from employers to Alberta Labour. We will now require employers to report near-misses, as well as the incidents themselves. And with that information we'll be better able to know what's going on in workplaces in Alberta,"

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