Millennial Small Business Owners Use Tech To Keep Employees Safe

Have you ever had to go to your employer and tell them that something is wrong and there is a workplace hazard that they have to fix? Or have you hurt yourself lifting a heavy object, thinking the object “isn’t too heavy”? These two scenarios may be avoided if the employer knew something was wrong as soon as the situation began. Unfortunately, no employer can be everywhere at all times. Or can they? Millennial small business owners have realised that technology could allow them to see workplace hazards immediately.

Connected technologies are nothing new in this day and age. From your smart phone, to even televisions, our culture is always connected. Millennial small business owners are taking that idea and using it to keep their employees safe. Results from the Nationwide Business Owner Survey showed that 71% of millennial small business owners use some form of connected technology to keep employees safe.

While that is a great number, it is the other side that is unfortunate. Only 32% of the average business owners use technology. That means that millennial business owners use technology over 2 times as much.

While this connected technology may be a great addition to helping keep employees safe, it does not solve all the problems as Mark McGhiey, associate vice president of Nationwide’s Loss Control Services stated. “There’s always going to be an element of human-driven effort to ensure workers can do their jobs safely and efficiently. That’s why it’s so important for employers to follow best safety practices that are tailored to their specific business — and it’s why our experts provide individualized risk management consultation and safety training to business owners across the country.”

One question that is possibly on your mind is ”What technology can you use to improve workplace safety?” Millennial small business owners are using many different types of connected technology including building sensors that detect temperature, water leaks and equipment failure; personal devices, like watches and belts that can detect strain and even drones that can go into dangerous worksites before employees do. All these technologies can connect to an employers device and alert them immediately when something occurs.

The world of technology will slowly become more integrated into our everyday lives. The days of having to report a workplace hazard will become a thing of the past because employers will soon know about the hazard, maybe even before an employee does.

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