Question: I Need Some Anti-Slip Tape But What Type Is Best Suited For My Application?

Anti-Slip tape can mean many things and it can get confusing to the average person who simply wants to add traction to their deck or vehicle. How coarse do I want the grit? How easy is it to clean? These questions and more could all be thoughts that someone has before making a purchase. Here at INCOM Manufacturing Group, we have several varieties of anti-slip tape available and hopefully this will make it easier for you to understand the differences.

At INCOM, we have four different grit levels to choose from. Those levels are sixty (60), forty-six (46), thirty-six (36) and twenty-four (24).

60 Grit Anti-Slip Tape:

This grit is the most commonly used grit level. This grit is great for general indoor and outdoor applications. This can be found in our Premium Grade line of anti-slip tape as well as our Glow-In-The-Dark line. Our premium grade is available in a variety of sizes and several colors.

Premium Grade Black

Premium Grade Color

46 Grit Anti-Slip Tape:

Our 46 grit level is a much coarser texture than our 60 grit level. This tape is best used where much more traction is needed beyond a general grit. While this tape is more coarse, it is still a great choice for most indoor and outdoor application. This level can be found in our Stadium Grade High Visibility and our Foil Backed Anti-Slip Tapes. Our foil backed tape is available in several sizes and in solid black or hazard striped colors.

Stadium Grade

Foil Backed

36 Grit Anti-Slip Tape:

Our 36 grit level has a highly textured surface and is best used for places with heavy debris or dirty conditions. Mud, oil, saw dust, liquids and grease can all clog up higher girt materials but will not be an issue for 36 Grit material. This grit level can be found in our Heavy Duty line of Anti-Slip Tape. Our Heavy Duty line is available in several sizes and in solid black.

Heavy Duty

24 Grit Anti-Slip Tape:

The ultimate high traction we offer. The 24 Grit level offers a deep, abrasive texture that is best suited for places with heavy debris resulting in reduced surface traction. This level can be found in our Super Coarse XP line of Anti-Slip Tape. Our Super Coarse XP line is available in several sizes and in solid black.

Super XP Coarse

36 Grit Anti-Slip Tape (Moppers Friend):

This modified version of our standard 36 Grit level offers the same amount of traction, however also offers the ability to easily mop the surface without "catching" strings. This is level is only available in our Moppers Friend line of tape. Our Moppers Friend line is available in several sizes and in solid black.

Moppers Friend

Coarse Resilient

Our line of coarse resilient has a deep embossed texture and is perfect for any indoor or outdoor, barefoot applications. Our Coarse Resilient line is available in Gray, White, Clear and Black color.

Coarse Resilient

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