New Jersey Man Charged with Insurance Fraud After ‘Fake Slip And Fall’ At Work

Slip and fall injuries are very serious. It costs the employer and insurance company money and time to put through a claim. However, some people feel that putting through a false claim is an easy way to receive time off and a substantial settlement. Unfortunately for one man, his false claim was caught on CCTV.

Alexander Goldinsky, 57, of New Jersey is being charged with one count of insurance fraud in the third degree and one count of theft by deception in the third degree after the CCTV footage was released of him allegedly orchestrating a fake slip and fall at work.

An investigation that was carried out by the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office found Goldinsky purposely threw ice on the floor, placed himself on the ground and waited for co-workers to discover him.

According to prosecutors, Goldinsky filed a false insurance claim for an ambulance service and treatment at the hospital.

Injuries at work are a serious topic and employees should understand the gravity of the situation before false claims are made.

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