Poll Shows Canadians Really Care About Workplace Health and Safety

A recent poll from Angus Reid and commissioned by the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC shows that over ninety percent of working Canadians find workplace health, safety and mental well-being are important when choosing a job.

The poll of 1000 working Canadians showed that the workplace health and safety of employees does not have an age or gender bias.

The survey shows that slightly more women than men (97% compared to 91%) responded that workplace health and safety is very or somewhat important. Also noted is that 96 percent of those aged 18 to 34 said that workplace health and safety was very or somewhat important compared to 93 percent of those over the age of 35.

Angus Reid Workplace Poll

Angus Reid Workplace Poll

A meeting between executives and board members of the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC and the Minister of Labour Harry Bains took place recently in Victoria. BC, to raise awareness about how workplace health and safety impacts recruitment.

Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC CEO Lisa McGuire stated "Employers are recognizing they need a robust health and safety system to attract and retain qualified workers.”

We at INCOM Manufacturing Group are glad to hear that workplace health and safety is as important to the rest of Canada as it is to us.

For more information, visit https://safetyalliancebc.ca/angus-reid-workplace-poll.

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