WSIB Introduces #PracticeSafeWork Focusing on Living with Workplace Injuries

July and August may be vacation time for some full-time employees but for students, these months mean summer jobs. With so many new employees, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) has launched its #PracticeSafeWork campaign.

This Ontario based campaign focuses on potential workplace injuries and how they not only affect you, but others around you as well.

Elizabeth Witmer, chair of the WSIB, told the Daily Commercial News, “We do it in the early summer months because it is important to remind young people of the need to be safety conscious on the job.”

This years campaign has the return of last year’s wooden models that are used in short, animated videos on the WSIB YouTube channel entitled The Workplace Adventures of Model Employees. The videos that introduced these characters last year gathered over one million total views and the hope is this campaign will be just as successful.

“The wooden models are back because they did seem to appeal to young people,” said Witmer. “Last year we focused very much on the individual injured and this year we’re focusing on the post injury world and the consequences…not only focusing on that person but also that workplace incidents don’t just affect you the person who has been hurt, they really do have an impact on everyone around you.”

The video series is broken down into videos aimed at the students entering the workforce as well as parents of the workers, which provides topics and questions that parents should be aware of before their child begins work.

You can find out more on the WSIBs campaign at www.practicesafework.caand use the #PracticeSafeWork to join in the conversation on social media.

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