Ontario Safest Employers to Be Awarded With Rebates

Ontario will soon be awarding employers who successfully implement health and safety programs in their workplaces as part of the new program, Supporting Ontario’s Safe Employers.

Ontario will award an estimated $140 million in the form of Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) rebates over a three-year period.

The Minter of Labour, Training and Skills Development, Monte McNaughton had this to say:

We know that good health and safety practices save lives…but they also save money. This program is a reflection of that fact. Our government wants to do everything it can to make workers safer and help businesses save money.

Similar programs have been developed in Europe and Japan and have shown a decline in workplace accidents. Key features such as organization, systematic approaches to health and safety encourage involvement and helps reduce illness and injuries in the workplace.

This program is open to any employer in Ontario and is led by the Office of CPO.

There is also a program being launched by the WSIB that will promote continual health and safety improvement in Ontario workplaces titled Health and Safety Excellence.

The idea of the Ontario government making sure that Ontario employees are safe in the workplace is something that we at INCOM are very much in favour of.

Please visit www.news.ontario.ca for more information.

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