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Durable Physical Distance
Anti-Slip Floor Tapes & Decals

Help organize and guide people in your workplace to improve safety through distancing policies. This durable long-lasting signs and tapes provides a visual way to promote the concept of keeping well away from others to reduce the chance of transmission. The tape wording repeats is every 22” so you can display the message cut to length as needed. The adhesive floor signs are sold 10 per pack so the message can be repeated to suit your floor plan. The slip-resistant clear over-lamination provides an anti-skid surface for floor graphics while offering long-term wear protection. The Softex® Resilient material offers a low-profile durable long-lasting wear and chemical resistant surface that can withstand pedestrian foot traffic and industrial floor cleaning scrubbers.  Common uses would include offices, retail shops, grocery stores, and shopping malls.  Meets or exceeds ANSI A137.1/A326.3 (Dry) Dynamic Coefficient of Friction Test. AS/NZS 4586 Pendulum Test (Dry), results considered "low slip potential" by UKSRG.

Custom text and graphics options also available with fast delivery on large volume projects. Contact our customer service to discuss your floor marking project.

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