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Canadian TDG / IMDG Non-Worded International Dangerous Goods Truck Placards, Labels & Safety Marks

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)  is focused on the prevention of incidents when dangerous goods are imported, handled, or offered for transport. More information and what they look like can be found on our placard list page.


Placards are displayed on vehicles and tanks to identify the risk of products being transported. We manufacture our entire placard line to meet Transport Canada guidelines and offer them in your choice of material.


These products are intended for TDG dangerous goods transportation identification within Canada and International. Complies with TDG Part 4 Dangerous Goods Safety Marks, International Air Transport Association (IATA), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and International Maritime Organization (IMO) dangerous goods regulations. We also stock worded USA versions of these products.  For more information on the use of Dangerous Goods Safety Marks, check out the Transport Canada website.


TDG Truck Placards
& Safety Marks

Offered in three material options. Tagboard for single use, rigid plastic for multiple uses and adhesive Vynmark for direct instalment.


TDG Blank UN
Truck Placards

Add the UN yourself by using our vinyl number kit. Offered in three material options.


TDG Truck Placard

Manufactured out of high quality aluminum or stainless steel with a stainless steel clip to ensure longevity even in the worst conditions.


TDG Split Frame
Truck Flip Placards

Ideal for roll up door applications. Our Split Frame Flip Placard is constructed the same way as our standard model but the base frame and flip pages are split in half.


CPPI Plastic Fuel
Type Tags

Fuel tags are commonly displayed on fuel tank trailers, and vehicles to help both identify products and prevent mixing.


Vehicle Safety

Safety decals are perfect for marking notices and safety equipment to drivers. Durability and chemical resistance.


Conspicuity DOT-C2
Reflective Truck Trailer Tape

Meets or exceeds the requirements of NHTSA FMVSS 108 (49 CFR 571) DOT-C2, ASTM D4956 and Transport Canada TSD 108 and carries the DOT-C2 watermark certification of compliance.


TDG Pre-Numbered UN
Truck Placards

If we don't stock the UN you're looking for, we can print it upon request. Offered in three material options.


UN Truck Placard
Numbering Kits

For use with blank PIN box truck placards, 3.5” number height and printed in black on a white backing with outdoor grade VynMark with permanent adhesive backing.


TDG Truck Flip

Exclusive design and built from durable aluminum with stainless clips. We stock the most common page combinations but custom page options are available if needed.


TDG Dangerous Goods
Shipping Labels

Essential for packages that contain dangerous goods. Labels are available in two materials, adhesive paper for indoor applications and adhesive VynMark for extended usage outdoor usage.


Rotary Fuel Type Valve
Dial Gauge (Y-Tag)

Completely constructed from 304 stainless steel including all mounting hardware, this durable unit identifies fuel types with a selection of eight legends to choose from.


Speciality Handling

Identify specific handling requirements with our specialty handling labels. We manufacture them using a white semi-gloss paper stock with an aggressive permanent adhesive.


Transport Trailer
Safety & Warning Signs

Printed on an outdoor grade adhesive VynMark for long term durability. Make sure drivers are aware of the limited operation of your vehicle.

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