Safety Tapes & Compliance


At INCOM Manufacturing Group, we manufacture specialty safety tape and identification signage products for the safety and compliance markets.

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CDC Information & Guidelines

 COVID-19 Safety Signs

Floor Marking Tape

Help promote physical distancing policies in your business to improve safety.

 Anti-Slip Tape

Improve safety and reduce the risk of slipping and falling by increasing traction on the floor surface.

 Safety Signs

Effectively communicate safety messages to employees and visitors.

 Reflective Tape

Flexible retroreflective material primarily used to increase nighttime visibility for safety.

Dangerous Goods Placards

Placards are displayed on

vehicles and tanks to

identify the risk of

product being


 Barricade Tape

Used to warn people of an area or situation containing a possible hazard.

 Floor Tape

Improve safety, efficiency and productivity.

 Pipe Markers

Identify pipe contents and potential hazards.

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Safety Markings & Identification Products

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