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  • How long do orders normally take to ship?
    Most stock products INCOM offers are either ready in-stock or made at time of order same day. Typical shipping times are 1 - 2 days from date or order. Customer specific special products are normally shipped with 4 - 7 business days of client artwork approval.
  • Where do your products ship from?
    We have two main distribution locations. One located in Wheatfield, New York that services our U.S. and international customers and one in Ancaster, Ontario that supports our customers in Canada. Both locations manufacture products specific to their regions.
  • How do I purchase products from INCOM?
    INCOM is a distribution first company that services our global customer base through a network of stocking VAR (value added resellers). In the event there is not a dealer to service you, we can address your needs in a direct manner. Contact customer service and we can direct you to a purchasing resource right away.
  • What is the best way to apply floor safety tapes and signs?
    Most adhesive tapes have similar requirements when it comes to proper bonding to any surface. There are 5 critical factors to consider: surface material type, surface contamination, application temperature, pressure and time. We highly recommend that surfaces be cleaned with a non-residue cleaner. This is a very important step as most cleaners on the market do indeed leave a residue, even if it does not appear to be there. We recommend cleaners like isopropyl alcohol (IPA) as a good non-residue cleaner, please follow proper safety instructions from the supplier for safe use and storage. There are other non-residue cleaners out there as well, and we would recommend you do some testing prior to use. We do not recommend the use of most common household residential cleaners like Windex® and Simple Green® as these can leave a residue that impedes effective adhesive bonding. Cleaners that are typically used to prep surfaces for painting are usually a good choice. Look to apply tapes in a temperature range of 50F - 85F ideally and not in direct sunlight. Adhesive bonding will continue to grow over time and may take 3 - 4 days to reach peak adhesion.
  • What tapes offer the best anti-slip resistant properties?
    If you are looking for a slip resistant tape that is well suited for both wet and dry conditions we would recommend the use of a mineral abrasive (grit) type product. These products offer the best solution if you are concerned about wet floor anti-slip safety. You want an anti-slip grit tape product that has a sand paper like finish (as shown below). If you concern is only for slip resistant in dry floor conditions then the embossed resilients may be a good choice as well.
  • What payments options do you offer?
    We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, wire transfer or check. New accounts will require 100% deposit with order. Estabilished accounts can apply for net 30 days payment terms (OAC).
  • Will the social distance floor signs and tapes stick to carpet floors?
    Although the entire range of social distance floor signs and tapes are intended for application to a hard flooring surface we have have used these products here at INCOM on our industrial short pile carpets for periods of 3-months and they did remove cleanly. Due to the soft nature of carpet it is more likely for the product to "flag" or start to have an edge raise if walked on and care should be taken due to this issue so as not to create a trip hazard. Due to the large variety of substrates we recommend that you test in your intended application and it is the users sole responsibility to determine the suitability of this product for their intended use. We are happy to supply samples for testing prior to purchase.
  • Can the social distance floor signs and tapes be customized?
    Yes, our complete range of social distance floor signs and tapes can be customized with your company branding or message. This will add some additional production time to your order to allow for artwork and printing setup.
  • Will the social distance floor signs and tapes remove cleanly from the floor?
    The adhesive system used on our product range is primarily focused on providing a long-term effective bond to hard flooring surfaces. The adhesive, like all adhesives will become harder to remove the longer it is installed. Although the product will most likely come up with some residual adhesive residue, this can it most cases be removed with a citrus clean or product intended for this application like Goo Gone® and Goof Off®. Due to the wide variety of sufaces we recommend testing in your intended application prior to use. We are happy to supply samples for this purpose.
  • What is the difference between engineer grade and high intensity reflective tape?
    Engineer grade reflective is the entry level reflective product that complies with ASTM D-4956 Type 1. If offers a good level of reflectivity couple with a low profile and economical price point. High intensity reflective tape is much more reflective than engineer grade with a reflectivity level of about 8-times higher depending on color. High intensity reflective complies with ASTM D-4956 Type III/IV and due to the micro prisim technology allows for better reflectivity from off access (angle) than engineer grade. The high intensity product is thicker and more expensive than the engineer grade product.
  • What TDG dangerous goods placards should I use for shipments in Canada?
    In Canada the transportation of dangerous goods (TDG) guidelines and regulations are handled by Transport Canada. They offer a safety program for assistance on dangerous goods transportation within Canada called Canutec. You can reach Canutech at (888) 226-8832. There is also a pocket book "Emergency Response Guidebook" that can help with TDG regulations and truck placard requirements.
  • Do you have outdoor floor signs and tapes?
    Yes, we offer a range of outdoor grade floor signs and tapes for us on asphalt, concrete and steel. These products offer an abrasive slip-resistant surface that is a good choice for both wet and dry applications. Surface must be clean, swept and dry prior to application between 50F - 90F temperature range and not in direct sunlight. Gently use a soft rubber mallet to help the product conform to the mounting surface.
  • What anti-slip product would be a good choice for barefoot traffic?
    Our most popular anti-slip solution for barefoot traffic is the PFX-Series Softex embossed resilient adhesive backed tape. This product offers a textured surface that is not abrasive, but can still help reduce the chance of slip and falls accidents in most applications. Use some surfaces can be hard to bond to we recommend testing prior to application. We also offer a thicker premium "rubberized" version of this product offering a more durable solution.
  • What is the longest lasting aisle and floor marking tape?
    Our ArmorStripe® ultra durable floor marking tape offers a thick durable, wear and chemical resistant product that is a great choice for high traffic areas including fork lifts. The tape is made from a thick profiled PVC with an aggressive adhesive backing. Offers durability for floor marking applications in areas with fork truck traffic.
  • What types of surfaces will anti-slip grit tape adhere (stick) to?
    Like most adhesive products best results will come from a smooth, clean, dry surface with an application of around room temperature (70F / 20C). We recommend that the surface be cleaned with a non-residue type cleaner such as alcohol or common paint prep products (most household cleaners will leave a residue that may impeded bonding), always follow manufacturers recommended usage guidelines. Once the surface is clean, use a firm pressure across the entire product surface to help ensure that the adhesive will bond and try to be near room temperature and avoid direct sunlight. Due to the wide variety of surfaces, we always recommend that you test in your intended application prior to use.
  • How do you remove tape from floors?
    Generally speaking the longer the tape has been installed the harder it will be to remove and the more potential to leave an adhesive residue after removal. Start by trying to slowly pull the tape off at a 90 - 120 degree angle to the floor. It may help to heat the tape to aid in removal, be careful not to damage the surface with the heat gun. Once you have the tape removed there can be adhesive residue left behind. We have found the following products work pretty well in softening the adhesive and breaking it down to aid in removal: Citrus based cleaners, Goo Gone®, WD-40®, Goof Off® and alcohol (please followed manufacturers recommended usage guidelines). Allowing the cleaner to sit on the adhesive for 20 - 30 minutes can also help in the process but be cautious to not damage the flooring surface. Once softened a plastic paint scraper is a good choice for most applications to scrape the adhesive off.
  • What does DOT-C2 on conspicuity reflective tape mean?
    It is common to see the DOT-C2 watermark on refletive tapes used in the transportation industry on commercial vehicles worldwide. The DOT-C2 wording confirms that the reflective tape product conforms with Department of Transportation standards as a Conspicuity tape in a 2" wide format, hence DOT-C2. Conspicuity tapes are commonly in a red and white format that improve the safety of commercial vehicles at night by offering a highly reflective surface.
  • What safety standards should pipe markers meet?
    Pipe and value contents identification recommendations are regulated under the ANSI/ASME A13.1-2015 compliance standards. These standards give guidance on pipe marker and value recommended placement, letter heights, flow direction marking, pipe marker sizes and recommended color schemes. These guidelines are primarily based on the type and hazard of the contents and the pipe or value size. INCOM specializes in project based applications and can built custom solutions to meet your needs.
  • Why do some dangerous goods placards have words and others are wordless?
    Generally speaking the U.S. has adopted a placarding system the shares similar pictograms and colors as international community and Canada, but has also included the use of English language words on their placards to further communicate the hazard. International users and Canada typically use a wordless version of the dangerous goods placarding system that relies on the hazard pictogram, class number and color to communicate the hazard. There are some exceptions to this in all countries and in most cases when a large 4-digit UN number is displayed on the placard their is usually no wording used. Check with your local dangerous goods authority for complete details.
  • Is there an aisle marking tape that can withstand heavy fork lift traffic?
    Yes, our ArmorStripe® ultra durable floor marking tape has proven to be excellent at dealing with high traffic areas and can withstand significant fork lift abuse. The tape has a thick profiled top layer with an agressive adhesive system. The overall thickness of this durable wear and chemical resistant tape is 0.050". Like all products we suggest you test a sample in your intended application prior to use.
  • Does INCOM have a social distance floor sign for use on carpet?
    Yes, we have a specific range of products made with our VynTex material that is a vinyl impregnated cloth with an agressive removable adhesive backing that will remove with little or no adhesive residue from most surfaces. This conformable product would be our best choice for low-pile commercial carpets and walls for removal without damage. We are happy to send a material sample for testing in your application prior to use.
  • Is there an outdoor grade material for floor signs on concrete and asphalt?
    We have a foil backed material that is intended for up to 12-months outdoor durability on rough surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and metal. The material has a conformable foil based construction with a mineral abrasive top to aid in slip resistance in wet environments.
  • Can I get my logo printed on reflective DOT-C2 conspicuity tape?
    Yes, we offer a custom branding service for our standard DOT-C2 conspicuity tape products. The image has to be meet guidelines with regards to size and overall appearance in order for the tape to remain in compliance, but we help walk you through this. Typical orders for custom branded are 50+ rolls, but we can offer custom options for as little as 20 rolls. Normal delivery times for this service is 3 - 4 weeks from artwork approval.
  • Can INCOM make custom anti-slip grit tape die cut shapes?
    Yes, all our our anti-slip grit tape products can be made in custom roll sizes and die cut shapes to suit your intended application. We will work with you on material testing and approval to ensure our products will meet your needs.
  • What are 5S Lean Manufacturing floor markers for?
    These products aid in organizing a work space for efficiency, effectiveness, and safety by identifying and storing the items used, maintaining the area and items and sustaining the new order.
  • Can INCOM make custom 5S lean manufacturing marker shapes & printing?
    Yes, virtually all of lean manufacturing floor marker products can be customized in shape or print for your specific application.
  • How can I place an order for a custom imprinted barricade tape?
    To place an order for custom barricade tape, please navigate to our Custom Barricade Tape Quote From and fill out your contact details and the details of the tape (color, size, print etc.) you would like to order. Once this request is placed, a member of the INCOM team will reach out to you to secure payment and arrange for an art proof to be approved by you.
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