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Safety Tapes

Our premium safety tapes are packaged and sized for the consumer market.


Gator Grip® Advanced
Anti-Slip Tape (60-Grit)

Our most popular premium anti-slip grit tape product.  This tape offers a 60-grit mineral abrasive surface with an aggressive adhesive backing to will adhere to most surfaces.  Suited with both indoor and outdoor applications.


Road Smart Highly
Reflective Tapes

Looking for increased awareness? Try our line Road Smart ® reflective tapes. These tapes offer vibrant daytime visibility with reflective properties for night-time use.


Softex® Resilient
Non-Slip Tape

Works great in the office, plant, locker room, or areas with barefoot traffic. This product is not like bath products you would see at the hardware store. This surface has a deeply embossed surface that will perform in heavier duty applications, while still being comfortable for barefoot traffic.


Repair, Specialty & Maintenance Tapes

Our line of repair and specialty tapes offer options for those maintenance projects that need your attention. From repairing rips and tears or sealing and protecting, these tapes offer strength and durability which makes them a useful addition to your tool box.

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