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Increase nighttime visibility for safety

Many different colors and degrees of reflection intensity are available for various applications.

Conspicuity Reflective Sheet

Adhesive Tape & Label Application Recommendations

Following proper procedures when applying self-adhesive products is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and longevity. We recommend viewing this helpful guide before installation.

Conspicuity Reflective Garbage Truck

Conspicuity DOT-C2
Reflective Truck Trailer Tape

A highly reflective vehicle tape product that meets or exceeds the requirements of NHTSA FMVSS 108 (49 CFR 571), ASTM D4956, and Transport Canada TSD 108 and carries the DOT-C2 watermark certification for compliance.

Super Bright High Intensity Reflective Tape For Gates Trailers, Posts, Bollards

Reflective Tape

Superbrite high-intensity grade prismatic reflective tape is an excellent choice for marking anything that requires a high level of nighttime visibility and with a long term life cycle.

Hard Hat Decals Reflective Tape Custom Shapes Sizes

Reflective Hard Hat
Decal Kit

Improve the safety of your employees with our selection of reflective hard hat decals. The reflective and colorful properties of these adhesive markers will help get your employees noticed both day and night.

Trailer Reflex Reflectors Red Amber Rectangle Circle

Reflex Reflective
Stick-On Reflectors

Our reflectors are designed with highly prismatic lenses secured to a durable transparent resin base. Produced on a clear poly liner, the rolls are easy to work with and the reflectors peel cleanly for application. 

Trailer Engineer Grade Reflective Tape

Engineer Grade
Reflective Tape

Looking for increased awareness? Try our line of Engineer Grade Reflective Tapes. These tapes offer vibrant daytime visibility with engineer grade retroreflective optic properties for nighttime use.

Neon Bright High Intensity Reflective Tape Driveways, Industrial, Construction Equipment

Reflective Tape

Neonbrite fluorescent reflective is the newest high visibility product from INCOM. This product not only offers the highest levels of night time reflectivity.

High Intensity Reflective Tape Hard Hat Decals Custom Shapes Sizes

Superbrite Hard Hat
Decal Kit

High Intensity prismatic product has a reflective value of over 4 times that of our standard engineer grade products. Product meets or exceeds ASTM D-4956 Type III. Simply peel from liner and apply.

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