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Increase traction to help reduce slip, trip and fall accidents.

Installing our anti-slip tape can improve safety and reduce the risk of slipping and falling by increasing traction on the floor surface.


Gator Grip® Advanced
Anti-Slip Tape (60-Grit)

Our most popular premium anti-slip grit tape product.  This tape offers a 60-grit mineral abrasive surface with an aggressive adhesive backing to will adhere to most surfaces.  Suited with both indoor and outdoor applications.


Conformable Foil Backed
Anti-Slip Tape

Conformable foil-backed anti-slip tape is designed specifically for heavy-duty textured surface and stair nosing applications. The foil carrier allows for excellent conformability and will hold its shape to most any embossed or textured surface with its aggressive adhesive.


Softex® Coarse
Resilient Non-Slip

Rubberized coarse resilient tape offers tough, non-slip features providing high-traction throughout commercial, industrial and residential settings. With a mop-friendly material you can clean up with ease while still maintain that extra level of safety.


Premium Grade Colored
Anti-Slip Tape (60-Grit)

Coloured anti-slip products are an effective way to offer a visual warning of a slip and fall hazard while offering the same aggressive premium grit features found on our Gator Grip® products.


Gator Grip® Anti-Slip
Cleats (60-Grit)

Available in pre-cut cleats to give a professional look  to any installation. These cleats are made from the same quality product as our tape substrate and are available in a variety of stock sizes.


Anti-Slip Tape

Our worded Gator Grip® tape provides an extra level of hazard communication along with the anti-slip surface.


Gator Grip® Heavy Duty
Anti-Slip Tape (36-Grit)

Heavy foot traffic and dirty work environments can clog up standard grit products with mud, oil, sawdust, liquids, and grease. Our Extra Coarse Gator Grip® offers a very deeply textured (36-grit) surface to continue to offer non-slip protection, even in the dirtiest conditions.


Gator Grip® Contractor
Anti-Slip Tape (46-Grit)

An excellent choice for most general purpose applications. The tape is constructed of a durable 46-grit mineral abrasive compound for excellent longevity in both indoor & outdoor applications.


'Mop Friendly'

Slip-Resistant Tape

Choose our “Moppers Friend” slip-resistant product. We have taken our premium grade anti-slip tape and modified the grit particles to allow a mop to pass over without “catching” strings.


Softex® Resilient
Non-Slip Tape

Works great in the office, plant, locker room, or areas with barefoot traffic. This product is not like bath products you would see at the hardware store. This surface has a deeply embossed surface that will perform in heavier duty applications, while still being comfortable for barefoot traffic.


Stadium Track
Anti-Slip Tape

Public buildings, stadiums, arenas, and parking garages are major areas of concern for slip and fall accidents. Our Stadium Track Tape was developed for these high traffic, high visibility applications.


Gator Grip® Specialty
Anti-Slip Cleats

Die cut shapes are made from the same material as our Gator Grip® products, but pre-cut to give a finished look on your floor or equipment. All cleats come with rounded corners to reduce tape lifting and flagging.



Anti-Slip Tape

Glow-In-The-Dark Anti-Slip traction tape is perfect for use in emergency exit routing areas such as stairwells, laneways, fire aisle, and exits.


Military & Marine Grade
Anti-Slip Tape

Our highest performance grit product, Marine & Military Grade anti-slip grit tape offers a large durable abrasive particle providing a slip-resistant surface for improved safety in marine and severe outdoor environments.  MIL & NAVSEA approvals.

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