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Premium Grade
Anti-Slip Cleats


Gator Grip® Traction Tape is available in pre-cut cleats to give a professional look  to any installation. These cleats are made from the same quality product as our tape substrate and are available in a variety of stock sizes. All cleats come with rounded corners to reduce tape lifting and flagging. Sold 50 pieces per package.


Recommended product for the long term and OEM applications. Gator Grip® Advanced is certified by the National Flooring Safety Institute 101-A “High-Traction”, and meets or exceeds OSHA1910.24, 1910.26. Meets or exceeds ANSI A137.1/A326.3 Dynamic Coefficient of Friction Test.  AS/NZS 4586 Pendulum Test, considered "low slip potential" by UKSRG


Custom die-cut shapes and printing are available to suit your application.

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