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OSHA Signs

These safety signs are the most used in the workplace to indicate dangers, hazards and precautions. We stock these signs in a variety of sizes and materials to work with your environment. 

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Effectively communicate important safety messages to employees and visitors.


Chemical, UV, graffiti and scratch resistant

All our safety sign products come with SignArmor at no additional charge.


This coating offers many benefits to a printed sign surface including chemical, weather and graffiti resistance. The special formulation of this product improves the UV resistance of the printed sign surface which adds significantly to the overall performance of the sign. The SignArmor coating creates a difficult surface for paints, markers and chemicals to attack and allows for easy removal of graffiti using standard paint removal products while not damaging the printed sign surface.


Ensure that your sign products have the SignArmor coating for added performance.

Safety Sign Material Guide

Find the best material for your application. 9 options to choose from.

Safety Sign
Audit Tool

Use this safety sign audit tool to help assess the signage requirements for each department within a facility and determine if the required signs are missing.